Anna Barton update

I had some unexpected and sad news the other day, that my friend and teacher, and one time partner, Anna Barton was being given palliative care by her daughters Tracy and Kerry and that she had only days, rather than weeks left. As I considered how to get some flowers to her I received a ….  Read More

A New Direction?

I had a lovely meeting with Bernadette and Christoph before I left for Wales. Christoph told me that one of the therapies that they taught him to combat Parkinson’s was to use music in his walking. He suggested I might try to find the local Altzheimer’s group and offer some simple dances there. Who knows? ….  Read More

Sacred Earth, Sacred Life

Life is Sacred. It is not Holy or Religious. It is Spiritual. But above all it is Sacred. When I learned to dance I learned something called Sacred Dance. The emphasis was on healing and group wholeness. A language, a spiritual path. I carried it with me when I wandered around Europe, teaching in Germany ….  Read More

Coming soon

Dancing with Experience Week at Findhorn is such a boost. Seeing the magic of the dance working on people, bringing them together, helping them forget themselves, watching understanding awaken in their eyes as they recognise meaning in the dances we are doing. Dancing next on 14th September. I would say come and join, but you ….  Read More

Welcome to my new website!

Lets dance! Dancing in southern Germany I would occasionally visit a local prison. The young man in the centre, let’s call him Putt, was on day release for his birthday. We danced Ajde Janos to him as a birthday dance, each bowing towards him in the course of the steps. Very moving. It is important ….  Read More