Sacred Earth, Sacred Life

Life is Sacred. It is not Holy or Religious. It is Spiritual. But above all it is Sacred. When I learned to dance I learned something called Sacred Dance. The emphasis was on healing and group wholeness. A language, a spiritual path. I carried it with me when I wandered around Europe, teaching in Germany and Sweden, Finland, France and Spain.

I learned it as Sacred Dance and so have kept the name. Like Life it is Sacred. It is a tool for bringing us into our wholeness. And this I wish to share. And will. Our wholeness is found not in particular movements, or aspirations, those least of all, but in being. Being together, being at peace. Simply Being. The way I have tried to share of Being is through bringing that incessant jabbering fool, the mind, to stillness. To help the mind to STOP! It can be brought to stillness by shock. Better to be brought to stillness by slowing down of all the hankering and sense of insufficiency.

So we take our time at the beginning to find that place of commonness where we can share together all the aspects of our diversity, every station of the circle, and find that we are not threatened by the position another holds, and stands in, but made more complete by that stance. Just as they are made more complete by us being where we are. Each of us looking at the centre from our own point of view. We step aside and another takes our place, as we step into the shadow of the one that was there before us. So all self-importance disappears as we fade into the endless pageant of humanity dancing down the years. This is Sacred. This is Dance.