Anna Barton update

I had some unexpected and sad news the other day, that my friend and teacher, and one time partner, Anna Barton was being given palliative care by her daughters Tracy and Kerry and that she had only days, rather than weeks left. As I considered how to get some flowers to her I received a second email saying she had already ‘passed over into light’ – I believe was the phrase used.

Anna died on the evening of the 10th of April 2020. Easter Friday. I have a peculiar relationship to death judged by most standards. I don’t acknowledge in it the separation that seems to be the common experience of death among others. For me the inner connection we had remains unbroken. It is only the physical dimension – not the emotional or mental – that is broken. However what happened next was a surprise to me. I had had some connection with Anna and introduced her to one or two friends with whom I am working ‘on the inner’, friends of Anna’s as well as of mine. Sir George Trevelyan and of course Bernhard Wosien among them. From time to time, over the course of the next days she came back to me to tell me she had met this one or that. She said she had been charged with helping me get my dancing going again. That has yet to happen but I am assured will come along after my studies with Gaia Education are completed.

What happened next was so extraordinary that I could not accept at first that it was Anna I was speaking to. A sublime spirit came into my awareness, high in the realms of light and said ‘I am a flower’. Truly the figure was beautiful and radiant, far higher than I am usually used to encounter others, with rare exceptions. I could see a face of extreme beauty gazing down on me beaming with joy and light. It took me some time, hours, days, I don’t’ know but this is written only 5 days after Anna’s passing so it cannot have been that long. I tried asking ‘Are you a lily?’ yes came the response. But still it did not quite fit and I struggled until saw that, rather than a lily, this person – being. What would you have me call her? Was a Gladiolus. By that time I had accepted that it was indeed Anna, appearing to me in one higher aspect of her being.

As this happened some days ago now it must have been either Easter Sunday or Monday. A true resurrection and a truly beautiful encounter. Thank you Anna.