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I have recently made contact with a local dance company called Impelo. On further discussion I discovered that they had converted the local Church Hall in Llandrindod into a dance studio and realised that I had danced in that hall about four years before the transformation. Further that it was from that workshop that the title Trinity Sacred dance came about. An interesting circle lead me back. As some were working with Dance therapy I started to write some notes for myself and it developed into this following article.

Insights into Dance therapy – from the other side.

This second article has, to me, the air of being unfinished but I post it in its current state for you to enjoy.

The Spirituality of Bernhard Wosien

Covid and Social Cohesion

Dance and Theatre

What Yoga has to show us about Dance

Different Approaches – Choreography

Emotional Shadows

Dancing in Stillness – Meditation and Healing In Dance

Not an article but solidarity with Ukraine at this dreadful time for them.

Below is a powerful insight into the music of Epirus.

The Healing Music of Epirus Christopher King